10 oz. Duster w/ Bitterant

Front view of item 11384, the 10 oz. Duster with Bitterant Endust for Electronics.

  • 10 oz. Multipurpose Duster features a powerful blast that is safe for computers, printers, copiers and more.
  • Includes an extension tube for pin-point cleaning in hard to reach areas.
  • Regular use can assist in preventing dust build-up and extending the life of your equipment.
  • Contains safety bitterant to combat product misuse.

Part No. 11384

Inhalant abuse is a growing epidemic. Endust for Electronics adds bitterant to deter abuse with it’s products. For more information on inhalant abuse please visit Alliance for Consumer Education.


Before Use:

  1. Remove small tab on top of spray nozzle.
  2. Point nozzle away from self and others.
  3. Hold can upright and pull trigger to clear valve of liquid.

To Use:

  1. Hold can upright approximately 2” away from item to be cleaned.
  2. Pull trigger in a series of short blasts.
  3. To clean hard-to-reach areas, firmly insert extension tube into nozzle.
  • NEVER spray into or onto vented or open areas of electronic equipment. 
  • NEVER shake or tilt can before or during usage.  Use in upright position only.
  • NEVER use near a potential ignition source.
  • NEVER spray into an enclosed space, such as a trash can or paper shredder.
  • NEVER use on camera mirrors.
  • AVOID skin contact with product in a liquid form, may cause frostbite.
  • AVOID contact with product in liquid form, may cause plastic to discolor.
  • ALWAYS use only in accordance with directions on this can.
  • ALWAYS use with adequate ventilation.
  • DO NOT store in direct sunlight, enclosed vehicle, or expose to temperatures above 120°F (49°C)
  • DO NOT pierce or burn, even after use.  Contains diffluoroethane.
  • THE INTENTIONAL MISUSE BY DELIBERATELY INHALING MAY BE FATAL.  Contact physician if such contact occurs.