Carbon Fiber Brush

Front view of item 16518, the Carbon Fiber Brush by Endust for Electronics.

  • The Endust® for Electronics Carbon Fiber Anti-Static Vinyl Record Cleaning Brush is designed to remove dust and reduce static.
  • Make sure your record is free of any grit or particles that can scratch your record.
  • If your record has residue or finger prints, clean with Endust® for Electronics Vinyl Record Cleaning Combo, Part #16488 first

Part No. 16518

Record Cleaning:

  1. Inspect the turntable platter and record’s surface to ensure they are free from grit and debris.
  2. Place the record on the platter and start the turntable.
  3. Holding the handle of the cleaning brush, GENTLY place the brush head on the outside edge of the record’s surface.
  4. Work toward the center while the record rotates. DO NOT drag the brush towards the center. DO NOT restrict the movement of the record.

Brush Cleaning: 

Simply rotate the brush across the protective handle after each use. DO NOT wet or wash the brush.

DO NOT wet or wash the brush.

Always store Carbon Fiber Brush with handle closed and bristles protected.