CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Lens Cleaner

Front view of item 262000, the CD/DVD/BLU-Ray Lens Cleaner by Endust for Electronics.

  • Softly brushes and gently cleans laser lens removing dust and debris that accumulates on the lens.
  • Cleans Gaming Systems: Play Station 2,  Play Station 3, XBOX 360, XBOX One.
  • Helps eliminate data error and disc skipping providing maximum data retrieval.
  • Easy to use on-disc voice instructions.
  • Made in the USA!

Part No. 262000

Made In USA Screen Cleaner

1. Read your disc player’s instruction manual thoroughly prior to cleaning.
2. Insert disc into your player label side up.
3. Select “Laser Lens Cleaning” to start the cleaning process.
4. When cleaning is complete, press stop.
5. Eject the disc and store in the enclosed holder.

Do not touch the cleaning brush with your fingers. A damaged brush
may cause your machine to malfunction.

Cleaning is recommended after every 10 hours of use.